Propane is sometimes referred to as liquefied petroleum gas, LP gas, or LPG. It is produced from natural gas processing and crude oil refining. It is nontoxic, colorless and virtually odorless – but, for your protection, odor is added so it can be easily detected when necessary. The chemical odorant that is added is called ethyl mercaptan, which has a strong smell similar to garlic or even rotten eggs.

Propane is an environmentally responsible fuel. It is much cleaner than home heating oil, kerosene, or electricity. It is also up to 99 percent efficient. Coal-burning, electric power plants emit twice as much carbon dioxide into the atmosphere as propane, at a 28 percent efficiency rate. Propane is a valuable alternative to electricity and significantly reduces emission of greenhouse gases.

If you think you smell propane in your home, RV or the area around any gas equipment; or if a gas alarm signals the presence of propane, you should do the following:

  • Extinguish all smoking materials and turn off any open flames
  • Vacate the building or vehicle immediately
  • Do not use any electrical switches, appliances, thermostats or telephones in the affected area
  • Turn your main gas shut-off valve to the off position (righty, tighty)
  • Call American River Gas Co., Inc. and/or your local fire department from a cell phone (away from the leak) or use a neighbor’s phone
  • Do not re-enter the building until advised to do so

An odorant is purposely added to propane to help easily detect leaks or broken pipes. Safety is our #1 priority.

 Even if you do not continue to smell propane, do not turn on the supply valve until a qualified American River Gas Co. service technician or emergency personnel tests for escaped propane. NEVER test for propane using an open flame. Only suitable leak detection devices should be used. Your American River Gas Co. service technician will check for leaks and re-light any gas pilots when the leak situation has been fixed.

We can’t emphasize this enough; don’t let yourself run out of gas!  This can be a dangerous and inconvenient situation.  In all cases the home owner will need to be present for a pressure check.  There will be additional charges for a pressure check.

Pressure tests are a state law and are required anytime there is an interruption in service – running out of gas would be considered an interruption in service.  During normal usage, a propane plumbing system is at a constant pressure as long as the tank has gas supplying the system.  When you run out of gas the system loses pressure that can result in the joints in the piping or seals in the gas valves to relax, and can create a leak.  The leak test will indicate any leaks within the propane system.

120 feet.  Please remember that footage from that distance is used every time the hose is pulled around an obstacle.

No, the gauge indicates the percentage.  We fill the tanks to 86% in the winter and 80% in the summer.

We recommend you call us once your gauge reads about 30%.  By doing so you will be giving enough notice so that we can get a delivery to you within a week, and so that you will not be out of gas before we get there.  Our trucks service a particular geographic delivery area each day of the week. Call to find out what day we are in your area. Special arrangements can be provided in emergency situations.

Not if it has been powder coated, because the paint will not adhere to the surface.  If the tank was originally painted it can be repainted, only after it is cleaned of dirt and rust.  Repainting can be done only with an industrial oil based primer and then finished with an oil based alkyd paint tinted in a heat-reflective (i.e., light) color. Do not simply match your home decor or landscaping without considering heat reflection.  Failure to use light colors will result in the high expansion rate of the propane stored inside the tank and could cause the relief valve to open and let fuel escape into the atmosphere, causing a dangerous situation. Please call our office to talk to a service technician prior to painting your tank.

Propane dealers operate in a competitive marketplace and prices may vary amongst companies.  Transportation costs contribute to geographic variations in price.  American River Gas Co., Inc. is a “full service” company which provides trained service technicians, offers consumer safety programs and as well as complete 24-hour-a-day, seven-days-a-week service.  As a result of the products and “peace of mind service” that we offer, we also incur some costs associated with them.  Therefore, sometimes you may notice a price difference between our propane and that of other companies that do not offer consumer safety programs and have limited business hours.  Also, a few companies only sell propane and offer no other services at all.  Choose a level of comfort to suit your needs.

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